About breed

…Everyone knows about Siberian cat from childhood. But nobody have ever thought before that all these green and yellow eyes, tiger-striped, black, blue, red and variegated cats offer union of native Siberian breed which is one of the most interesting native breeds in the world.

They are brave, faithful animals with independent and powerful character, excellent hunters with brawny body on strong stocky pads, with wide fluffy tail and green emerald-like eyes. Long whiskers and eyebrows, huge fox-like collar; smart trousers on back pads that stresses powerful of this big, impressive and caressing domestic animal which can create comfort in your house, relieve the stress and tiredness, heal a lot of diseases. Unusual cheerfulness helps them to get on with any species of dogs and other domestic animals. They are indispensable helpers about the house and beautiful decoration of the house, keeper of the hearth. Enduring and fluffy, richly colored Siberian cats fast enter into our life.

Siberian cat Zonusia and  red-eared turtle Musya
Siberian cat Tzarusia with guinea pig
Siberian cat Zonusia and red-eared turtle Musya
Siberian cat Tzarusia with guinea pig

Their descent goes into ages and touch off. But one thing is constant – this native Russian breed which is intimate to Russian people by nature. With rise of Russian felinology this breed got an appointed orientation in popularization and in selection breeding…

Chronology (stages of breeding Siberian cats)

1986 year – starting of Leningrad and Moscow clubs. In some magazines of that time few cats of “Siberian type” were registered.

1987 – 1988 years – appeared first prior standards on Siberian cats (O.Mironova and O.Frolova).

1989 year – third pedigree exhibition of cats in Moscow.  From thirteen novices of Siberian phenotypic breed only one cat had information about parents.

1990 year – Soviet felinology federation (SPF) confirms first official standard of native Russian breed of cats - “Siberian” with coded sign SIB, gives certification №1 about registration of the breed and №2 about registration of the original color in native Russia breed as “Nevskaya maskaradnaya or Siberian color-point”.

1991 year – felinological Association of Russia (PAR) exhibits 30 Siberian cats with title of “Champion”, class of kittens was opened.

1992 year – Siberian breed of cats was considered by World Cat Federation (WCF), which registers their standards. On the international exhibition in Prague four-year-old A. Chim-Chim Ashtau (Moscow), owner N.Balzhak, gets a diploma and a cup.

1994 year, May – Dimka Laskoviy Zver, color blue agouti with white, owner T.Pavlova, becomes the first Champion of the World among Siberian cats (nowadays 12 from his offsprings have become the Champions of the World.

1994 year, December – took place regular seminar for selectionists and experts, in which 57 specialists took part from leading felinological organizations of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus from 21 cat clubs. Finally, it was accepted the present-day redaction of standards of native cats, including the Siberian cats.

1996 year – Siberian breed of cats was considered by TICA.

1997 year, January – on the coordinating conference of felinological associations and clubs of SNG the standard of Siberian cats was supplied and confirmed, for the difference between Siberian cat, main-kun and Norway forest cat.

1997 year, March – creation ROLSK in Russia.

1997 year, May – Siberian breed was considered by FIF. As standards of Siberian breed few Siberian cats were invited in Finland: Saint-Andre-Helios Onyx Gloria and Zarevna Zezelia Seliger of classic agouti color, owner O.Andreeva.

1998 year – OLSK conducted the First International exhibition of Siberian cats. There were more then 100 cats. Among them there were 6 Honorary champions of the World; 11 European Champions; 19 Grand Inter Champions; 11 Inter Champions.

2002 year, December – Moscow, the Fifth Universal exhibition “Grand Prix – Royal Canin”. 130 Siberian cats maintained their titles. Six new Champions of the World joined to other 60...

Magazine “Cats.info” №1(3).2004 year

Tatyana Pavlova, president of OLSK.